Editor's Note

The other day my wife found that her bank, JP Morgan Chase, had been charging her $25 a month in bank fees for who knows what. She called up the bank and it promptly dropped the fees and refunded the money it had charged her. An honest mistake? Maybe. But probably not. In fact, major corporations make boatloads of money by improperly assessing fees on consumers. They will cheerfully remove these fees when people complain, but many people never get around to complaining. Welcome to the Cheating Culture. It's a culture in which otherwise upstanding citizens routinely rip people off, shade the truth, pad the facts, and otherwise cut corners to get ahead for financial and professional gain. Too often they get away with it -- especially if they are powerful companies. That is why we are here. We've had enough and we were founded to expose the lies and deceptions -- to stop them where we can. But to succeed, we need your help. So please share your stories and send us your tips.

-- David Callahan

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