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David Callahan has spoken to audiences around the country about ethics -- in schools, businesses, and the professions. To inquire about David's speaking, please contact Wendy Paris at wendyeparis@gmail.com. Or 917.622.0912

About the Book

The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead offers a penetrating look at the crisis of ethics across American society. Author David Callahan pins blame for many of these problems on economic shifts -- like growing inequality and insecurity -- which have incentivized cheating in business, schools, and key professions. (Read Chapter One)

"This is a breathtaking book."

  - Los Angeles Times Book Review

"A damning and persuasive critique of America's new economic life."

   - Esquire

"Everything you ever wanted to know about what's gone wrong with ethics in our society is explained in David Callahan's remarkable and readable new book.

   - Philadelphia Inquirer


"Well-constructed, civic-minded...full of compelling statistics and anecdotes...relentlessly big picture."

  - The New York Times Book Review


"In comparable history, venality may never have been so brazen, lucrative and accepted. Dozens of books and hundreds of newspaper, magazine and journal articles have examined this phenomenon. New ones come out daily. None I have yet seen does it with the anger, vigor and persuasiveness of The Cheating Culture."

  - Baltimore Sun


"A hundred years ago, the progressive reformer could draw on a coherent worldview shaped by Social Gospel Protestantism. For better and worse, our culture lacks that coherence today. But if we ever do try to overcome our divisions and regenerate our public life, we will find few more thoughtful guides than David Callahan."

  - In These Times



The Cheating Culture has been the subject of a charged national conversation since its publication. David Callahan, PhD, has been featured on numerous television and radio programs, and reviews and feature stories about the book have appeared in over 100 newspapers and magazines. In his speaking appearances around the country, Callahan engages audiences in this important conversation. An inspiring, passionate speaker, he challenges listeners to ask themselves hard moral questions and offers solutions to the growing pressure to succeed at any cost.

  • Educators at all levels have found Callahan’s presentations to be a powerful catalyst for discussion among students and faculty about growing academic dishonesty.
  • Business leaders say that Callahan’s analysis adds a “big picture” dimension to the discussion of ethics and regulatory compliance in industry.
  • Professional groups have benefited from Callahan’s keen insights about how members deal with the new pressures to cut corners and the challenges of self-regulation.
  • Public policy and faith organizations connect with Callahan's analysis of the crisis of values in American society and the underlying inequities that help to fuel this crisis.

Selected Appearances

Colleges and Universities

  • Amherst College
  • Case Western University
  • Connecticut College
  • Columbia University
  • University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • Virginia Tech
  • Texas A&M University

Professional Schools

  • Duke Law School
  • Harvard Business School
  • Harvard Medical School
  • UCLA Law School
  • University of Medicine and Denistry of New Jersey
  • Washington University School of Medicine
  • Wharton School of Business, UPenn

Civic Groups

  • Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley
  • City Club of San Diego
  • National Arts Club
  • Town Hall Seattle
  • Union League of Chicago

Business Groups

  • Caveon Test Security
  • Better Business Bureau of Northern Illinois
  • Hamptons Road Economics Club
  • Outdoor Industry Association
  • World Game Protection Association

Audience Comments

"Your thoughtful insight and lively discussion of integrity and The Cheating Culture both informed and enthralled our audience. . . . The private session with students from our judicial bodies will also highly informative."

College of William and Mary

“We had rave reviews. The journalists rated David’s talk the best of the week – and he was in good company with some first class speakers, thinkers, two Pulitzer-prize winners and one Nobel laureate.”

International Longevity Center

"Superb. The best session we have had this year. David was a masterful communicator of important findings and conclusions. Moreover, his capacity for engaging in real dialogue is extraordinary."

Columbia University

“He really motivated and inspired the students and faculty members to promote academic integrity on campus. He challenged people to get involved. Wonderful job!”

Texas A&M University

"David's presentation was thought-provoking and engaging for students and faculty alike. I highly recommend him for all audiences interested in the state of ethics today, in the academy and beyond."

Duke Law School

“A wonderful keynote address. He was the best speaker we’ve had yet – polished, professional, and everything I hoped for in a speaker.”

Better Business Bureau, Western Washington

“David interspersed humor with great facts. His enthusiasm and passion really came through. It was a great topic and great discussion. I hope to have him back again.”

Nichols College

“It was our pleasure to have David speak. His reading and discussion truly challenged members of the audience.”

Harvard Medical School

“A splendid talk. His views on a topic so critical to civic engagement provided wonderful stimulus for our participants and set the stage for a lively, reasoned, and civil discussion.”

Margaret Chase Smith Library

“We were very happy with the speech. The students reported that it was thought-provoking and engaging and gave them a different framework to consider ethical actions in their college work and also out in the real world. I think the fact that he provided real-world examples that a lot of the students may end up facing was good. It was very applicable to their experience."

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“Terrific speech. We’re really pleased. All of our attendees liked him and the message was great. . . . He did a great job speaking.”

Caveon Test Security

Suggested Topics


The Cheating Culture

More Americans are breaking the rules to get ahead. Why? A provocative analysis of the alarming state of ethics in America.

Honesty in the Academy

Cheating is up among students. A penetrating look at recent trends and explanations – along with proven strategies for educators and students for promoting academic integrity.

Honest Business in a Dishonest World

In businesses large and small, managers and employees face pressures to cut corners. Where do these pressures come from? How can we protect our integrity and our bottom line?

The Challenge of Professional Integrity

Law, medicine, and other professions are beset by ethical misconduct. Why? Is this new? How well does self-regulation work? What other solutions are needed?

The Ethical Leader

Integrity flows from the top. What does it take to set the right tone and be an ethical leader? An inspiring look at how leaders from different fields create a climate of integrity.

Democracy and Ethics

A weak democracy and rising social inequities spread cynicism and anxiety and help to fuel the culture of cheating. What can be done to make more Americans feel that they are stakeholders in our society.


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